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Mechanical problem pioneer LD-V4200 laserdisc player


William Smith

Jan 1, 1970

I'm looking for some advice on servicing a pioneer LD-V4200. When I
connected my player recently I got a bluescreen/video signal as normal
but the tray won't stay ejected. On this model the tray ejects and
inch or two and then you slide it out manually. Now it ejects and then
quickly pulls itself back in. The player used to be very touchy about
being perfectly level or this behavior would occur so used a bubble/
spirit to make sure but that didn't help. The player has been unused/
in storage for a year or two and (perhaps stupidly) It was stored on
edge/side. I'm guessing something went out of alignment. Does anyone
have any ideas/tips? If I want to observe the eject apparatus should I
open the player from the top or the bottom?

I have a Tex Avery LD collection that I really want to watch.


Charles Schuler

Jan 1, 1970
Give it a thump on the side and try again. Not kidding. It sometimes
More than likely the little leaf switch is defective/dirty/bent that
senses when the door is fully open. Also could be a broken gear or
cam (or faulty timing) that actuates the switch. This is a rather
common problem with the drawers in CD players and DVD players of all
makes and can usually be repaired easily and cheaply unless the
mechanism is forced in any way... then the repair price gets higher
because of more broken parts.
Until you investigate the real reason for the problem I would hold off
on the suggestion of "Give it a thump on the side and try again".

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