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MEMS IMUs Short Term High Accarcy


Jan 29, 2018
Jan 29, 2018

I am measuring movments using an IMU with 6DOF with 3-axis acceleromter and gyroscope. But i lack a bit accuracy with my current setup. My goal is to measure short term precision in relative position in relation to my first movement.

I have to accurately measure for about 1 sec and i can calibrate for temperature and other non-optimal factors, as my data is processed after the measuring and not in real time.

Currently my angular data is quite accurate, but the acceleromter data is dragging my position of limits due to the accuracy of my IMU. So here comes my initial question,

Are there MEMS IMUs that have more then 16-bit resolution, it has to be capable of measuring +/- 2g or more and have a resolution/sensitivity of at least 0.005mg per LSB i think. Leading to an IMU with at least 20-bits, where every bit is quite accurate. Not just an IMU with lots of bits and terrible accuracy, also it has to be quite lite and therefore ''has to be'' a MEMS IMU. In addition, the gyro has to be accurate but if the acceleromter is accurate the gyro should not be a problem. It needs to be able to run on batteries and not be to heavy, preferably already in a complete HW setup so i can use it out of the box.

I have to be able to measure about 0.1mm change in position for movements of about 2 - 10 mm for 1 second and in relative position.

Are there any IMUs on the marked that have the capability of this kind of accuracy?

Any input is highly appreciated and if I left out any essential information I can elaborate more!

Hopefully there is a good answer to this, either good or bad information is welcome!