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MFM controller cards



Jan 1, 1970
Sure. It started out on 40meg Quantum brand 3.5inch SCSI drives. Due to the
quickly changing technology, Quantum got as far as the LPS (Low power) 105 meg
drives before they found out about the problem and replaced the grease.

I've heard of a few 20 meg drives having it, but have never seen one.

Where there other manufacuters?

As far as I know, it never affected MFM/RLL/IDE drives.

We had a large number of stiction failures on Rodime RO3055 40MB ST506
drives. Recovering the data for our customers consisted of a quick flick
of the drive on it's axis of rotation, then copying the data to a new


Jan 1, 1970
I need to find at least one MFM HDD/floppy controller card to try to
get into my old system. My billing files and some other programs which
I would like to back up are on on these drives. I think my controller
failed. I could really use another of these drives if anyone has one
also but if not I would be happy just to find a controller board
initially. I'm running two Seagate St251 drives. I've looked just
about everywhere for these things. If anyone has any of this old
stuff lying around they don't need and would like to sell, (or part
with, or whatever), please let me know. I would be very grateful.
Thank you. Lenny Stein, Barlen Electronics.

Have one complete subsystem in stock, tested working if
interested. Controller, drive and floppy.

Email healer2k at excite dot com