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Micro relay for timer switch

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Abdul Ahad

Jan 1, 1970
New to Electronics and need some help...
I want to add a micro-relay switch to my electronic personal organiser
(which would have a tiny input of 0.2v and a minute current - which I
can't even measure with my multi-meter). Basically, the electronic
organiser has an alarm buzzer which goes on for 30 seconds at a
pre-programmed time each day to wake me up. I want to add a tiny
relay switch of some kind in place of the buzzer, which will act as a
30 second interval timer to switch other external circuits on and off.
Whilst the input voltage and current INTO this relay (out of the
organiser) would be small, the flow through current and voltage in the
external circuit - which is to be switched on and off by the relay -
could vary as I want to use to switch a range of devices.

Does anyone know what the range of specifications for such a relay or
switch could be and where I can get this in the UK? The electronic
organiser is powered by a 3v button cell, if this info is of use?

Abdul Ahad