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May 9, 2011
May 9, 2011
Hi, I am trying to use a Panasonic microwave inverter for a project I am experimenting with. I have limited knowledge with electronics but I can work from a circuit diagram. I have received some advice but so far non of it has worked.
I understand the basic transformer circuit with the diode capacitor voltage doubler.
The inverter basic circuit I can just about understand but there is a control input point needing 2-3v and an information output point, again showing 2-3v
All I need is to switch the inverter on
I have tried putting 2-3v dc between the input & 0v but this has no effect

The door safety switches, high temperature cut-out and a thermocouple, are linked in with a control board that feeds the signal into the control point on the inverter board.

The only inputs to the inverter board are the mentioned control, 2-3v "DPC" plus 230v ac power input "CN702".
Outgoing connections are two low voltage feeds to the magnetron heaters CN703, one of them is used for a high voltage feed to the magnetron the other is the ground connection

Can someone help in diagrammatic form please.
I have attached copy of the inverter circuit diagram Thanks hopefully.


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