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Microwave Magnetron Projects

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Rich Grise

Jan 1, 1970
Actually I would suggest that "raising the dead" by those who are well
aware of the initial causes of death is a very good idea: As technology
advices, many old ideas that were once impractical become quite viable.

I would agree that (too) many people "raising the dead" aren't even aware
that their "new" idea is quite old nor what the appropriate history is --
this seems to be the case with some fo the folks promoting wireless
re-charging stations these days.

That's not "raising the dead", that's "reinventing the wheel". ;-)


Frithiof Andreas Jensen

Jan 1, 1970
I'm ruling out microwave weapons, anti police radar devices, etc for
obvious reasons, but if there's something to be done with this before
destroying it, I might add it to my projects list.

Blow up some stuff in it and post the vidz to yo-toobe