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Might not be the right board, but I need HELP with a Roland W-30



Jan 1, 1970
The other day I killed my Roland W-30. Not on purpose. I got an error
message when I inserted any copy of the system disk ("Disk Load
Error... 10"), and someone on the web adviced me to clean the read
head in the disk drive.

It turned out that the W-30 is put together in the most awkward way I
have ever seen (and I've been building and hobby-repairing PC's for
ten years). To access the read head, the disk drive had to be opened.
To open it, it had to be unscrewed from the chassis. Some of the
important screws were hidden underneath a metal bar, and this metal
bar was in turn fastened underneath the main print boards and chips.
So, long story short, to clean the reading head I had to disassemble
almost the entire synth!

And now, when I've put it back together, two things strike me: 1. The
power won't come back on. The bloody thing is all dead. 2. There is
quite a lot of leftover screws that I could find no place for when I
put it back together. These two problems might be related.

So, if anyone have any suggestions or thoughts that might help me
here, me and my wallet would VERY much appreciate it. For instance,
suggestions on connections that are crucial for the power, other
factors that may have caused a power failure, a step by step
instruction on reassembly, or a URL where I can find pictures of how
it's supposed to look inside or be put together.

In advance, thanks a lot.


Jan 1, 1970
I'm not going to be of much help ... but on one instrument I am using
at the moment with the metallic casing removed, I have been having
for a long time quite eratic behaviour (the onboard computer would not
initialize, would not command the on-board laser to switch on or would
not communicate with the control PC). All these eratic behaviours were
solved when I connected the grounding wire from the power supply (earth
connexion if that is the right name for it ?) to part of the instrument
which seems to have been insulated from the power supply. It looks like
metallic casing was acting as a grounding path.

Hmmm. There's a thought. Although most of it is screwed together, the
casing is still open. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.