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mini 6 pin DIN has 4 wire



Jan 1, 1970
I bought 7" color TFT monitor on ebay and intend to use it at home.
The monitor only has mini DIN plug. The wire it came with has mini DIN
jack on the one side and other side has 4 wires.
The four wires are red,orange,yellow and no color. I found the red and
no color are for power cuz I can turn on the TFT monitor.
I thought orange and yellow would be either audio or video but I have
no luck connecting them. It came with RCA jack one side and two wires
on the other side so I connect video source to RCA and tried to hook it
with two wire with orange and yellow but no picture or sound.
Am I doing something wrong?
Isn't 6 pin DIN supposed to have 6 wires?
Other question is 0.7A means 700mA,right?