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Mitsubishi projo spill on PCboard Need Help



Jan 1, 1970

I don't normally work on projection tv's but a friend moved his
Mitsu. VS5046 TV
and lo and behold spilled a little coolant on the HV board.

Not knowing about the spill, he powered it up and got fire and
brimstone. He brought the board to me and I cleaned it up only to
find that there's a hole burned in the board around capacitor C5A14
It looks like a jumper got shorted to a heatsink with 2 TO127's (I
mounted to it.

It appears to have wiped out the jumper and with the a small area of
the PCboard missing, I can't tell where it goes.

I have posted some pictures of the board in hopes that someone
could help me solved the riddle.

There are numbers on the board, but don't know which identifies it
so if you can throw some board #'s my way, I'll check.
I appreciate any asstance,