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Modified Sine wave inverter loads and its rectified DC supply



Jan 1, 1970
Hi there,

I have some questions regarding DCtoAC Inverters which give
out modified sine wave output.I know that the output looks like a
square wave with its edges rounded off which comes out at 50Hz or
60Hz.What will be the frequency of the highest harmonic present in the
output.Will a 1KW Inverter be able to drive a 1HP single phase AC
motor load or what do I need to make it run.I cant afford
pure-sinewave inverters.

And also I want to rectify the output of the inverter to DC by
using normal bridge modules and high capcitance capacitors as
filters.I know I'll be getting around 350V or so. Will I be able to
run DC motors from the DC supply provided that motor power
requirements are met by the inverter.

I think if it can be converted to DC with normal rectifier
bridges(I mean I don't have to use any high recovery diodes to recitfy
such high frequency outputs)and make DC motors run it would be better
cause the high amount of harmonics present in the quasi-sine inverters
will damage the single phase AC motors.

Thank You,