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Modify an old mobile phone to use it as a jammer-possible-easy?


Mark Healey

Jan 1, 1970
First off, My electronics training was as a tech and that was over 20
years ago. That should give you an idea of my skill level.

Anyway. I'd like to jam the mobile phones in the store where I work (no
lectures on the legalities here, I'm fed up enough no to care).

I have a Motorola v3 that I stepped on and broke the display. I was
wondering how modular it is on the inside and if I could modify it to
continuously sweep the band in which it operates?

Charles Schuler

Jan 1, 1970
a.. 850 MHz (824.2 - 848.8 MHz Tx; 869.2 - 893.8 MHz Rx)

a.. 900 MHz (880-2 - 914.8 MHz Tx; 925.2 - 959.8 MHz Rx)

a.. 1800 MHz (1710.2 - 1784.8 MHz Tx; 1805.2 - 1879.8 MHz Rx)

a.. 1900 MHz (1850.2 - 1909.8 MHz Tx; 1930.2 - 1989.8 MHz Rx)

And, I'm told there are others ... so you would have to cover four bands
with enough "noise" to make them all inoperable and that would be a
challenge. Just post a large sign stating that cell phones will be seized
and crushed.

Jerry G.

Jan 1, 1970
I hope you are prepared for the legal reprocusions of blocking an
essential service. If you block an important call for a police officer,
emergency service worker, or other important service operator, you will
be legaly responsible. If there is a loss of life involved, you will
become an accessory to the fact.

On the other hand, mobile phones are very sophisticated, and are
controled by the systems that they are subscibed to. There are many
frequencies covered. In any case, you would have no way to control the
frequency output of the phone without getting in to some very
sophisticated software design. The bandwidth of coverage for these
phones are vast.

One thing for sure, if you do find a way to make a celiar phone jammer
and get it working, make sure you have a very good attourny, because
you will need one when you get caught. It is a serious federal
offence, even on private property.

Jerry G,