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monitor ghosting 753s

Hello there!, i am doing a review of existing computer equipment and
noticed we have two monitors Samsung 753s syncmasters that are
exhibiting ghosting badly. I thought it might have been the unshielded
speakers next to the guns, but no change when I removed them. I tried
a deguass several times but no improvement. They seem to be perfectly
good monitors apart from this problem, which when typing black on
white (like in Word ) it looks bad and causes eye strain using it. I
checked the group messages already and noted , the comment on
unterminated cable, and lost pin 10 ground (which I see would cause
probs) but both are proper cables that are 'built in' to the monitor,
and direct to PCI video VGA adapters.
Any ideas?

Jerry G.

Jan 1, 1970
On May 9, 9:36 am, [email protected] wrote:

This can be from capacitors in the video path of the colour video
amplifiers. A more common cause in these monitors is that the picture
tube is going weak.

Jerry G.