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Monitor screen gives shock, SAMSUNG 753DFX



Jan 1, 1970
Above mentioned monitor gives a nasty shock when the screen is
touched... is this normal or do i have here defective goods?

Carl Buckley

Jan 1, 1970
By shock do you mean you feel quite a bit of pain/numbness in hand or just a
tingling sensation on fingers.

If just tingling this is normal and you get it from a lot of monitors/tvs

If you feel numbness then you should have it repaired.



Jerry Greenberg

Jan 1, 1970
On a standard type of CRT monitor or TV set, it is normal to have some
static on the screen. It may give a strong static type of shock,
depending on the humidity in the room.

If you are touching any metal parts of the cabinet, or bezel, and you
get a static shock, this can be normal if it is not an AC mains or
direct shock from the power supply.

I have cleaned the front screen with a dampened paper towel on sets
while they are running. I sometimes received very strong static shock
that I really feel. This is normal.

Jerry Greenberg