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MOSFET Question



Jan 1, 1970
Hi everybody,

I'm researching components for a circuit I'm designing, and I need to
clear up some confusion over some advise I've recently received.

I'm using an OOPic 2+ as a control for solenoid coils. I plan on using
30 of the IO Lines from the PIC to switch them on and off

The problem is, the OOPic uses +5V. My solenoids are rated for +24VDC.

I was advised to use the IO Lines on the OOPic to drive their
corresponding MOSFETs and thereby power/switch the solenoids on and
off. I was specifically advised to use the DS current of my mosfets to
send power to the live wires of the coils.

My question is:
How can I adequately power solenoids rated for +24VDC with a circuit
that possesses and can only handle +5V? What type or part number would
be the right MOSFET to use?

Thanks for the help,