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Motor position control using DSP



Jan 1, 1970
I'm having problems in using my DSP (microcontroller - motorola
MC68HC908KX8) to control the rotary position of the motor. Especially
the 'control of motor rotation'.

This particular design is part of my 3rd year project and hence the
cost of my components are limited. In other words I can only implement
simple and low cost designs (for example I've seen some guys using
LM628 from national semiconductors to do the job - but it's too
expensive and I don't need such high precision for my model).

Basically I need :
1.) my DSP to stimulate the motor
2.) Allow the motor to rotate 30 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise
per step/stimulation.

ques: I don't know if it is necessary to use feedback for controlling
the rotation of my motor?
suggestion: What I have in mind is using PWM to control the rotation
of my motor. Will this work properly or otherwise is it the best

Would someone please give me some advice as to How I can use my DSP to
control the rotation of my motor. It would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank You