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[MsgID 100180] Help needed with a Cobra CIR2000a Internet Radio receiver

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Theodoros Tsioupros

Jan 1, 1970
Dear friends,

I am quite a novice Usenet user, so please be a bit patient with my
writing and compliance to the rules. I promise to improve later on.
I am writing from Greece to request your precious help with an Internet
Radio receiver and CD player I am planning to purchase.
It is manufactured by Cobra Electronics Ltd and its exact name is
"Cobra CIR2000a". I consider it to be almost perfect, as it satisfies
all my demands.
The problem is that unfortunately I haven't yet noticed any local
dealers of Cobra Electronics here in Greece, or even in any other
European country, so I would be grateful if you could tell me if there
are really any. For example the radio is available on and
some other e-shops in the United States, but it can't be found in any
European e-shop.
If there aren't any European dealers of this product, it means that it
will need to be imported from the United States, but in this case its
price is going to be very expensive. This is due to the high customs tax
rates which are enforced by the authorities when importing products from
countries outside the EU.
If the Cobra CIR2000a can't be purchased from anywhere in Europe, then
please let me know of other similar products that combine a
traditional FM radio together with a Reciva compatible Internet radio
receiver and a CD player.

*** Earnest Request ***

If it 's possible, please forward a copy of your answers to
[email protected] as well, because I don't have permanent Internet
access and as a result it 's a bit difficult to scan the Usenet for answers.

Thank you very much for your attention and patience,
Best and warmest regards to you all,
Th. Tsioupros ([email protected])