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Napco Gemini P9600 Programming Question?


Mar 9, 2016
Mar 9, 2016
Hello Napco Gurus,

I have several questions pertaining to my home alarm system.
My alarm system description:
Napco Gem-p9600 (zones #1-7 burg and #8 2 wire smoke)
3 Napco Gem-rp1cae2 keypads (EZM used with 8 wired zones #9-16)
Gem Recv -9600 (16 wireless zones #17-35)

Original fault that displayed on my keypads was the following: WL Low Batt Zn #24.
Unfortunately that zone xmitter has been misplaced and cannot be located. I tried to resolve
the problem by removing the device 6 digit address and depressing ON/OFF to save the change.
However that created a system trouble - E12-03 Service and E12-04 Service indicating
ZN 17 thru ZN 24 faults.

My questions are:

o - How can I clear the system trouble - E12-03 Service and E 12-04 Service?
o - How can I clear the system trouble - WL Low Batt Zn #24?
o - Is there any way to backup the existing system configuration (programming)
so I can import into Easy Loader as a PCD?

Please Help as I am new to Napco configuration and programming.