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Jan 1, 1970
Does anyone have a copy of the service manual for the NEC PC-VCR,
model number PV-S98A. I will pay for copies or a duplicate of the
manual. I am also having a problem with the playback on the unit where
there is vertical noise about 1 inch wide on just the Left side, from
top to bottom of the 27 inch TV when playing back tapes. It is not a
fault with the television. I need the schematics for the test points
on the boards to use the scope. I have a DS8000U MKII manual which is
similar, but not exact on the board layout.

Is there anyone who is still selling the Upper video drum for this
unit. I see Taiko still lists the head 72387631-PWV1763 as well as
USI, but I am afraid it will be a discontinued item. It has the exact
part number as the DS8000U MKII unit. I know this because I own 2 of
the PC-vcr's and 1 DS8000 unit. Anyone doing custom repairs on the
heads? I checked the numbers on both machines. Any help would be