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Need help finding a relay


Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013
Hi, I am pretty experienced with computers, soldering, etc., but I am really just getting started when it comes to understanding electronic components and circuits.

I came up with a cool idea for adding a feature to dual NAND xbox 360s with the DemoN installed (if anyone here knows about that) and have figured out exactly how I am gonna do it, but I am at a loss for finding the relay I need.

I need a relay that is powered by a 3.3V source and toggles the power from a SATA power port on the console between two 2.5" "Laptop" hard drives.

The way I see it is like this. Each SATA cable has 2 main lines (not including ground and the unused 3.3V line), 5V and 12V so the relay needs to be DPDT so that I can switch both of those at the same time. Each hard drive will only pull a max of 12V so the relay needs to be able to support at least 12VDC. Then from what I have been reading laptop drives pull about .5 to 1 amp max so the relay needs to be able to support about 1 to 1.5 amps to be safe (since only 1 hard drive will be on at a time). Also, the relay needs to be set to hard drive while its off, and one while it is on, so DPDT will work for that AND it doesn't need to be latching because when it looses power I want it to switch back to the other HDD.

So basically:
  • DPDT
  • 3.3V Power
  • Supports at least 1.5amps @12VDC

Does such a relay exist? I know that the higher the power you want to put through the actual lines that the relay controls, the higher the power needs to be for the relay itself. I also prefer it to be solid state because it would be smaller (space in this project is a slight issue). Also I have heard that laptop (2.5") drives only use 5V. Is that true? If so can I just drop the 12V line? Or keep it plugged in but only require the relay to have a rating of 5VDC?

Thanks a bunch.
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