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Need help identifying a defective component on a simple PCB


Chuck West

Jan 1, 1970
The light in the hood over my stove recently burnt out. I replaced it
with a new bulb and now it won't turn off! I checked the specs on the
hood and it's rated for a maximum 60 watt bulb. The burnt out bulb
was 100w and may have damaged the PCB that controls the light. The
fan and fan controls still work fine.

I took the thing apart and found a PCB with not too many components on
it. There are a bunch of transistors, resistors capacitors and four
IC's. There's also this big rectangular orange thing, about 2" long x
1/2" wide x 1/2" tall. There seems to be some melted PCB like fluid
around this component so I thought maybe it's the culprit. Only thing
is I don't know what it is or what it does so I'm not sure how to test

If anyone happens to know the name, function or testing-procedure for
the mysterious orange rectangle, I would greatly appreciate their

Otherwise, it's US$90 for a new PCB from the manufacturer (and a punch
in the face to the electrician who installed the hood with the wrong


Jan 1, 1970
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I bet the arcing from failing lamp killed the triac. They usually fail in
shorted position. trace the connection to lamp socket. You should run
into a three pin device. This is the triac.