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Need help with custom lighting control head switches


Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013
The California Highway Patrol car I'm restoring originally had a GE Rangr S810 radio system in it. The radio system also controlled the siren and lighting functions of the car. Since the S810 was a CHP specific radio system, they do not sell them to the public when they are done with them, so it is impossible to get a complete system for my car.
I have an S810 keypad and control head shell. I had the idea of putting micro switches behind the keypad buttons to make my own control head out of the shell, while keeping the original look of the interior (no incorrect switch boxes under the seat or visible).

I had found push switches on ebay that came up on an on/off search that were exactly what I thought I needed(dimensions and style). I am not sure if they are momentary or not, since they don't show up in a momentary search(only a similar switch that was slightly different).

I relayed the functions for the lightbar like I was told if I wanted to use switches like these.

If anyone can help me with this project it would be much appreciated


The other (what I thought was on/off)

Thanks In advance!!