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need help with power failure on Z96s


Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013
Hello boarders,

I have a lappy, asus Z96S and everything was working fine til i accidentally pulled power plug from it while it was running and loading a game. After that, it did not turn on anymore..
No led light up or anything. Oh and i use it without battery, dont have a working one.

I was hoping there would be a fuse or something similar, as some boards do, like i found out from internet search. Took it apart, checked power jack and it's surroundings.

Here's a pic: 06.01.13 12 55.50.jpg
Thought there to be a problem but i was told those are caps they do not need to show power on the other side, so i asked why pwrbtn doesnt get any power on it's pins.. i was told to check KBC ITL for 3.3v and 5v, should i do that or does anyone have more experience to tell me what could be wrong?

Here's link to diagragm-schematic file, that i have trouble reading as i'm not too experienced in this: Z96S Schematic Diagrams.pdf

I tested that ITL ( 06.01.13 16 23.44.jpg ) from legs 1-44 and corner ones that are easy to access, came out with some ~1-1.15v pins from #22 to #44, what pins should i check or am i on the wrong track completly..

oh and i have 19v psu, just used 16v on initial testing to be cautious...

thanks for your time and reply's!