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Need servo IC SONY CX-20084, 8-759-909-45


Adrian Glaubitz

Jan 1, 1970

I got a dead SONY WM-D6C as a junk-item for free from a friend. The unit is
dead as a result from leaking batteries whose acid dissolved alot of
metal of the parts :(. Most of the parts affected were cheap ones
like resistors and caps and I already have them ready for replacement
from the parts storage of my university. Unfortunately the acid also
managed to destroy the servo IC for the motor, IC601, type CX20084
which costs around 30 Euros here in Germany. I found sources in the
US (like the official SONY parts store which have it in stock for
US$16), but they won't ship to Germany unfortunately.

Anyone can help me with a cheap source for this part, I really don't
want to spend too much on the unit only to find out it is beyond

Thanks and best regards,