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Need soft cable, like home AV monster cable, for power supply.


Josh K.

Jan 1, 1970
Doing a project with laptop batteries and wearable computers (currently
trying to finish a Linux project for Xybernaut wearables). The computer was
made to carry an old Lithium Ion; third party 202 form factor smart battery
with something like 5800 mAh. You have to attach the external battery
holder, which clips onto your belt, to the main unit. Now since power
management under Linux doesn't work for this BIOS I am rerouting the
I2C/SMBUS Clock and Data lines from the battery terminals to the parallel
port (nearly done getting good communication). I'm also trying to make an
extension cable so I can throw the battery in my backpack and get it off my
waist. I've found the original connectors and ordered them from the part
manufacture Xybernaut used. So I have the correct plugs to make a male and
female end to my power cable. the biggest problem is the cable itself!!!

The lettering on the original cable is in Japanese, the only numbering is
"4px0.2mm(squared)". But it's a soft (by soft I mean like monster home
video cable soft, has no fight in it and no memory, it just drapes nicely in
your hands) and I need to find stuff just like it! If the cord is rigid and
has memory it will put pressure on the plugs possibly causing damage, and at
least be a huge pain in the ass!!! So I need to find a length of like 4-6
feet of nice soft cable. I need at least 4 but prefer 5 wires within the
cable, insulated from each other, of course. it has to handle 11-12v and
the start up surges that laptop hardware produces.

I was thinking about buying a Monster S-video cable off Ebay (thicker than I
need) and cutting off the ends to make it work but realized I didn't know
how many separate insolated lines exist in that product (even though the
connector has enough pins the lines inside might be shared between a couple
pins, so I've come here.

I have tons of wire for cars and things like that but stress is the enemy.
cable that drapes in your hands and has no recoil and has enough internal
lines is what I need. This is not the time to go cheap on this project.

Anybody know a vendor or cable maker or something like that I can go to get
cable like this? Again only need like 4-6 feet! If any of you have a
length you can sell that meets these guides lines (don't care about color!
but dark colors are preferred) I'll be happy to make an offer. I will buy a
larger quantity for future use if it's what I need!

Thanks, Josh K.

By the way if you're interested the project website email me for the address
and info.