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Need some help with extending a laptop power button


Oct 4, 2015
Oct 4, 2015
Hi everyone,

I have zero background and knowledge in electronics, so please don't be too harsh!

Here's some background of what I'm trying to do : I'm trying to use my old laptop motherboard as a desktop.
For this I need to extend the laptop power button, and connect it to the PC case power button that I've got.

I've attached the pictures of the laptop power button board, can anyone help me with choose the correct wires to connect the power button with?

If I connect either of the following wires, the power light turns on - (4,2), (4,5), (4,9), (4,10)
If I connect either of these wires, the laptop turns on - (3,9), (3,10)

So, I want to know which wires should I connect to the power button extension - 3 & 9 or 3 & 10, because both switch on the laptop.

Also, which wires should I connect to the extended LED, to show if the system is powered on or off?

Thanks in anticipation!

IMG_0180[1].JPG IMG_0176[1].JPG IMG_0177[1].JPG IMG_0178[1].JPG

PS : Please excuse my bad handwriting, and the bad attempt at drawing a "diagram"