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Need to add a composite video input on my Fisher CamraCorder



Jan 1, 1970
:idea: If you possibly know of someone that is familiar with digital
video cameras that record on a memory chip, I need help finding how I
can put a composite input on a Fisher CameraCorder. I wished the
manufacturer put a composite video input on the camera, it would of
made life easier. Basically, I'm a bit of a hacker, I like to make
stuff do more than it was originally intended to do. Also, I need to
add a switch to turn the LCD screen on and off while I am recording
video. Sometimes it is not nessesary for the LCD screen to be on, it
just robs me of extra battery
power that I need for recording video. I would like to be able to
record from other sources than just through the lens of the camera. I
just want to make the camera more useful, plus some of the CCD
elements are burning out in the camera. So being able to add a
composite input breaths more life into this camera. Eventually, I
will need to find a way to replace the CCD in the camera. While the
"new" composite input is operational, I would like to shut power off
from the CCD and the focus mechinisms of the camera through a switch.
I know, I know, I want to much, right? I want to hear from people
where to much isn't enough. That a challenge is the status quo. But
to have someone point me in the right direction wouldn't hurt either.
Thanks to all that can

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