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"new concept of computing" from nsa/von neumann.


Okkim Atnarivik

Jan 1, 1970
: I came across this document which sounda kinda interesting:

Glancing quickly the first few pages brought to my mind (i) the RSFQ logic
which is effecively based on nonlinear *inductances* i.e. Josephson
junctions; and (ii) the paper is obviously written before Landauer, i.e.
before the connection between dissipation and 'forgetting' information.
There are also distant echoes about quantum computing (or at least
reversible computing), although the idea of quantum parallelism still
lies in the future Deutsch and Feynmann papers and is not indicated
by von Neumann in anyway.

Looks like a very interesting paper, for me at least. I should take
a closer look, thanks for pointing this out.