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New electronic heat pump process


Jean-luc Brochet

Jan 1, 1970
I am French and would like to present you with a new high-performance
heat pump process using a micro-electronic manufacturing process.
Besides the traditional heat pump use, this process would allow for a
system of electrical production by cooling the environment. Be
assured, I know the Second Principle of Thermodynamics !

You may study this process at the following address :
All explanations are given on the website. A letter of introduction
on the home page presents an overview of the situation.

Many French researchers say to me that it cannot work. However, none
of them have been able to tell me why! Either that, or they reproach
me for the technical difficulties, It don't seem to be a sufficient
reason to reject the idea.

If there is a mistake, then please tell me where it lies.
But if there is no mistake, then you must try it.
Three experiments are shown on the website, but maybe you can devise a
simpler experiment to demonstrate the principle of the invention
without having to use high-tech laboratories.

A French patent has been registered but outside France, the invention
is within the public domain. As a consequence, have no fear in
working on this invention. Have no qualms!

Jean-luc Brochet