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Newfound Electronic's Warp-13 PIC Programmer


Ing. Marco Tuzzi

Jan 1, 1970
Hi guys.
I'm having some troubles in making this programmer work.
I have an old version of this programmer, mounting a PIC16F73 with a 4MHz
quartz crystal.
I tried to upgrade the firmware to program new PICS but Bluepole 1.6 (new
firmware) works only on new boards, mounting 20MHz Crystal resonators.
I changed the crystal and programmed another 16F73 but it's not working. The
original chip with 4 MHz crystal is not working either!
I use MPLAB 6.50 and a PICSTAR Plus to program new firmware. I import the
HEX and program the chip. Is it right that after I import an HEX file in
MPLAB, if I look to Program Memory I don't see the real content that will be
programmed onto the chip? I need the .COF file to see in program memory
right? If it's not hte case, I have a problem, since HEX file and program
memory contents after import don't match!
The chip on the programmer seem correctly powered but the crystal doesn't
seem to be oscillating. What can it be? Errors in programming (as I said,
program memory and hex file contents don't match, but that could just be a
problem due to .cof file missing)? Broken hardware?
Can someone help me out?
Maybe if anyone could post od version firmware... It's called RedBack.
Thank you for any advice.