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Non-contact Voltage/Current Measurement


Uncle Al

Jan 1, 1970
Mark said:
Use a piezoelectric wafer and measure the thickness of it optically.

Probably a hologram to measure the volume change and redistribution -
it's tensorial. You still have to hold it in the field and move it
around to sample the space. Might as well use a fiberoptic with the
Faraday effect for magnetic field, or Zeemann and Stark splittings of
rare earth ion dopant region for magnetic and electric fields both. I
wouldn't want to do it, on paper or otherwise.

Hey - you could have a dilute colloidal dispersion of electret or
magnetic dipoles in a dielectric fluid, with different colors on their
ends. That would do it. You carry the pole.

Locating your physical self within 15 feet of a 500 kV line is a
fatally bad idea. Electrical burns are incredibly nasty. They
necrose tunnels of tissue under the skin. The surgeon has to ablate
dead meat like cleaning out a pumpkin. Skin transplants are are no
big deal (if the take) compared to the cosmetic and functional
deficits of volumetric tissue loss.

It's not like christ-suckers would allow stem cell-based regeneration.