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off topic but advice sought

hey people, I was wondering if anyone knew rough pricing for a programmer and how that all works?
I am trying to get something working on a raspberry pi but my programming sucks more than the vaccuum of space.
The worst part is I have tried the raspberry pi page,a programming forum that has a "paid job offers" section and am now hoping someone is willing to help me out here.
the simple program is mostly done... well the basics are there, it just need to be reconfigured to do what I want.
so how much should a simple program with libraries supplied and does nothing more than read information and display it cost? or how many hours should it take? and how much per hour?
and should people quote prices on a program or not? I am stuck on this one and hoping for some guidance soon
Well I would love to help you out but as we have discussed I'm sort on time and focus to do a project like this right now...

But, to answer your question I normally quote $75 - $150 to code, and at those rates I do not hand over the source, only a compiled hex... This is for open ended programing where tweaks and changes are happening or I'm 'fixing' up someones code like in your case...

For a small simple program I can quote a total cost upfront...

If I'm doing the hardware as well I will quote a set price for the job usually and coding cost is lower as I can roll cost into the hardware...

Now mind you I have done my fair share of minimum wage jobs as well if they interest me or when I have spare time to goof off... And also mind there are a bunch of hobbyist out there that just like the challenge and will code A LOT cheaper or some beer money... But, like everything I can't make a living working for free so the 'hook up' rates always take 2nd fiddle with full paid jobs getting front line attention...
lol that price is reasonable but how much for the source code on top?
ad I have been looking everywhere for someone to help me out, raspberry pi forums, programming forums.
the unfortunate thing about brisbane is that most IT graduates end up in sydney or melbourne as apposed to staying here. thus finding one to take time to help me out is next to impossible.
I am offering the people that say they know code a free raspberry pi with the OS I am using on an 8gb SD card, 2 free NRF24l01 and a freeduino eleven, but still nothing (the reason I am offering these is that is what the project will be using)
I am not going to send this stuff out to people online til I have the code of course but dang it I still get no takers.
for $150 for a program that from my guesstimate will take about 2 hours (as I said the libraries are there, there is even an example of something that does something different over the nrf, just a ping test) I guess thats actually reasonable but the issue is that eventually I want to release the code on here as a project to show people as nooby as myself what can be done. but alas that will not be possibleif you aren't going to give source code. also raspberry pi uses linux so I would have to compile it unless you give me an exe (which from what I read linux doesn't use)
but as I said before my expertise on programming is limited to BASIC
10 print "phillip is a god"
20 goto 10
that stuff was awesome fun,,,, and thats about all I remember of it lol
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