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On campus electronics equipment?


Steven Cholewiak

Jan 1, 1970
I wanted to know if there were any facilities for students to use or borrow
basic electronics equipment (oscilloscopes, power supplies, components,
etc.)? I'm starting to learn to program in assembly for Microchip PICmicro
microcontrollers ( and I wanted to
know if I could use or borrow a breadboard and some basic components
(including a 5V power supply, LEDs, resistors, and possibly an oscilloscope)
because I just recently purchased a programmer and a PIC16F628
es/16c628/index.htm) and I just wanted to try some basic projects. I wasn't
sure if there were facilities for students to use electronics equipment, but
I just wanted to email you to ask if you knew if they are available.

-steve cholewiak

Steven Cholewiak
University of Virginia
[email protected]
(please remove nospam for e-mail)

Ishaan Dalal

Jan 1, 1970
If you are an EE/CE/CS major, the univ should definitely let you into labs
where you can hang out and play with stuff...