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OnLine Auction - Typical Shipping Costs - Opinions?


Jim Flanagan

Jan 1, 1970
I've been looking at several companies that provide auction
services for company asset liquidation. The bidder is responsible
for the packing, shipping, etc for winning bids. The bidder
must hire another company to handle these tasks in the event that
the bidder cannot personally do so. I am curious as to what
the 'typical' costs are for these services? I haven't attempted
to get a quote yet for these services, but wanted to ask anyone
in the group that might have an idea.

I realize that what I am asking is somewhat 'open endeded' so let's
take a typical situation:

1) ship from Colorado/California to Florida.
2) Item is a piece of equipment 35 lbs & 24" x 24"
3) Item value < $1000

Any idea what something like this would cost for packing/shipping
and insurance using one of these shipping services?