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Optical mouse interrupts being ratty?


Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014
My computer at home has been randomly opening windows, selecting icons or task-bar items lately, often when I move the Genius 3-button optical mouse across the screen, without touching buttons.

I also found at times it will do this even when not moving or touching the mouse.

When this happens, (occasionally), many multiple windows open while flickering all over screen.
The arrow cursor jumps all over the place if I try to select something specific, such as the window-closing X at top-right of window popup.

I checked performance and resources (Ctrl+Alt+Del), CPU and RAM not bogged down, CPU temp OK, basically hardware appears normal.

Pentium 4 core-2-duo, 4 GB dual ram (DDR?), 2 hard disks still have Gigs of free space.

Mouse and keyboard are both ... (PS2?) not USB, LCD monitor is USB & VGA.

Recently cleaned out (Gigabyte) tower case, CPU cooler, and PSU dust.

About 1 week ago:
Ran 360_Amigo utility Registry_Cleaner to ensure no stray keys still in Windows 7U Registry.

Defragged all disks in case fragmentation causing data lag or hiccups.
- PC runs this automatically anyway, once every week.

About 10-15 min ago, I had to quickly close EP page and browser window, as just after replying to a question, I moved the mouse, and dozens of randomly - selected windows started popping up.

I suspect the mouse, as it appears over-sensitive, such as when typing this post, I moved the cursor arrow towards the Scroll-Down window-icon, the screen display scrolled all the way to the web-page bottom.

Keyboard or controller may also be acting up, as every once in awhile, pressing the space-bar instead creates the piping symbol | (the Shift+\ character).

Suggestions please?​