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OSS-friendly PC-connected PIC-type board?


John Stumbles

Jan 1, 1970
Sorry about all the hyphens :)

I want to play^H^H^H^Hexperiment and learn about PIC-type systems, and I
run Linux on my PC.

Is there a cheap system with a PIC or similar micro:
- with analogue & digital I/O, timers, PWM outputs and other goodies
- which hooks up to a PC via serial, parallel, USB or ethernet
- can be programmed from the PC e.g. into flash
- with open-source tools for writing & loading code & interfacing to it?

Initial projects I'd like to try include
- measuring temperature at several points using cheap sensors (maybe
diodes or perhaps AD273s), sensing mains voltage on-off signals
(via opto-isolators?) and possibly liquids flows (if I can find or make a
flow sensor)

- similar to above but driving a small AC pump on and off (optocoupler +
triac or SSR)

- driving a bunch of LEDs on a wand to make a moving text display
(project for the nipper)

I'm looking for something available in the UK.