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OT SED recent history



Jan 1, 1970
Just curious, I stopped posting a while ago and stopped reading because
a few posters here made me go exponential on a regular basis with the OT
discussions. I don't and didn't want to be that guy.

I did sample the group a couple times recently, and saw huge pollution
with crossposts from crap groups. I'm just curious. When, how, did that
start? Seems clean today, did someone find a way to make it stop? Was it
a matter of finding and prosecuting individual abusers?

I rather doubt if I will hang around here much based on previous
experiences, but I am curious about the recent history based on views
from my sparse random samples.

Anyone willing to fill me in on the key events of the recent history
with the step from minor (regular) soapbox posts, to major completely OT
assholia, and then the current reduction? Pointing to transitional
events in the historical archives might work.

Enquiring minds want to know.

These enquiring minds really also want to keep things mostly on-topic.
Sharing the wealth of knowledge or challenging with ideas or questions
is definitely good. Things altruistic or technically controversial are
good. Politics is definitely not. To keep it a society, posting personal
gloats, boasts, family events, locations, pictures seems to be part of
the current tapestry. Makes it interesting, but could we try to keep the
politically controversial parts to a minimum?

I'll stop now. Hope my thoughts about good/bad are received in their
neutral intent, and don't stop replies about the summary of recent SED
event history.