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Panasonic CT36SX31E Power surge takedown

A power surge literally blew apart the power supply transistor,Q801, a
2SK2917LB. There is a diode D862 across this transistor that was
shorted. Also shorted was D824 which is across the output of the
regulator IC801, AN8029. IC 801 a PC123 the opto IC was leaking as
well. I am going to replace the AN 8029 along with the other parts
since its output had a shorted diode across it too. Has anyone seen
the power supply mosfet actually blow apart on one of these things
before? I have no schematic of this set and was wondering if anyone
had one that they could share with me. It would be really helpful to
be able to see whats in there. Thanks a lot. Lenny Stein, Barlen


Jan 1, 1970
replace all parts listed and check R 814 & 813

costco set model search on AAA comes up but wrong
chassis use ct 27sx chassis (previous year)
Ap381 chassis

d806 au01zv0 shorted
d824 shorted tmpg10g3
d861 862 shorted tvsa81004v3
ic 801 an8029
q801 2sk2759f217r blown
r819 open erds1fj103h
r820 0pen erds1fj390t
fuse blown