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Panasonic VCR PV-V4022 keeps shutting down in play or FFWD

I have a Panasonic VCR model PV-V4022 only about two yrs old that shuts
down after a few seconds every time it is put in play or fast forward (
The tape moves fine and plays OK for a few seconds before shutting down
) Only the rewind will stay on ( but won't come up to full speed ) Any
ideas on what to check?
OK I tried replacing the take-up reel sensor with the sensor from the
supply reel, but it still doesn't work ( just made the rewind quit
working ). Do both sensors have to be good for the play & FFWD to work?
Also, where is a good place to buy these?

Phil Bowser

Jan 1, 1970
I'd say you just proved that the sensor IS bad indeed (You moved the
problem to the supply reel, where it causes the rewind to quit working, just
as you said...) In playback and other forward modes (Search, FF) both
sensors are monitored, and unit will shut down if pulses are not received,
or are too low in amplitude (bad sensor). Panasonic has an excellent
website where they will sell consumers any part they want. Use the "search
parts by model" feature...