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Participants Needed For a Middle School Project


D Chuhta

Jan 1, 1970
I am an eighth grade science teacher at Massabesic Junior High School
of MSAD #57, in Waterboro, Maine. Two years ago I started a project
called Ask A Scientist. It involves weekly email communication
between a small group of students and a science/technology
professional. Each week, students will ask questions based upon a
theme (eg. daily routine, technology used, measurements used,
educational preparation), and create dialogue based on the
professional's response. The project lasts about 8 weeks.

Last fall, 40 individuals worked with my 100+ students. It was a
project that the students referred to throughout the year because of the
meaningful and current information that was transferred.

A commitment of one email per week is required. If you are involved
in active research or practice in the many fields of science and
technology, and you are interested in participating this year, please
let me know by emailing sending an email to:
[email protected] Be sure to include your name, your area of
expertise, and your current career. This information is critical to
match student interests with a corresponding professional.

If you wish to review further project details, please visit: click on the Projects button,
and then click on the Ask a Scientist logo.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Chuhta

(PS: I am in special need of individuals involved in marine biology,
and physics.)
(PPS: If you know of colleagues who would also be interested, please
have them contact me as well.)

Mr. Chuhta
Gold Team Science
Massabesic Junior High
MSAD #57
Waterboro, ME
(207) 247.6121