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PDP-R05G Trap Switch demystified



Jan 1, 1970
1 - Press the display button once (do not hold, just press and then
release. If not present on your model of remote, then press the button
directly underneath "9" and release)

2 - Wait about 3 seconds after step one and then press (in order):
left - up - left - right - power

The service menu will come up. From here you could tune the television
if desired, but as far as the trap switch is is

Just turn the TV off using the power function of the remote control.
Now the TV should operate as normal.....

Please let me know you received this email. I was not sure how to make
a post to your thread on "Google groups," but I did see you asked
around for several months trying to figure it out. Please post this
information for everyone to see, you can even take credit :) I am just
happy to have my set working again.

Thanks plenty Darren !!!