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Philips 28" Widescreen TV fault - flashing red light - 28PW6615/05


Andrew Fraser

Jan 1, 1970

I have the following model of television :-
Philips 28" Widescreen TV - 28PW6615/05

It has suddenly exhibited a fault whereby the 'status' / power
indicator LED blinks red on off (approx. equal mark:space ratio), and
the tube no longer powers up.

In normal operation, when plugging into the mains the light goes solid
red -> amber -> green, and goes solid red when put into standby.

Is this a known problem with this / other models? Does anyone know
where I may be able to acquire a circuit diagram?

I know it's probably B.E.R., but I resent partaking in the consumer
throw-away society wherever possible... any assistance gratefully

Replies preferably via email, please ;-) (reply-to *is* valid)

Many thanks,