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Philips (Black Tulip) N5748 HI-FI Cassette Deck Power Outage


Jan 25, 2017
Jan 25, 2017
A very good day to you all on Electronics Point Forum;

I have inadvertently caused the loss of part of the power supply; can someone please give me some help with restoring this back.

Have lost power to both motors and both solenoid valves (relays 475, 476); this is a Philips (Black Tulip) N5748 HIFI Cassette Deck; the construction is the same as the N2552.

These are the voltages I have on Board U302 Connection block;

18. -1Mv
25. +27v this one is correct
27. -2Mv
28. -1Mv

The full size Service Manual and individual relevant pages can be seen here can be seen hear on my OneDrive; many thanks in advance for your help.!AuQDAPiShOjc9RoD2G3xlbzfvUuQ


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