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Philips/Fluke PM3070 oscilloscope losses store values when switched off.



Jan 1, 1970

My dear Philips/Fluke PM3070 oscilloscope has a problem.

Normally it stores the values of the voltage scales, time scale and other
things when i switch the PM3070 off.
When i switch the pm3070 on again the settings are restored.

But since a few days the settings are not restored.
The PM3070 now starts up with no A and B channel visable.
I have to push on AUTO SET to get them back.
Then every thing seems to work again.

Fluke told me in some PM3070's are two penlights batteries inside.
But i do not see them.
And i can not see any other battery.
Here are several pictures of the inside

What could be the problem ?
How to solve it ?

Thank you very much.


Aug 11, 2010
Aug 11, 2010
Hi, i am awie, a new member of this forum.
first, i like to tell you that i am not familiar (don't know how) with posting a question/ message. if i am wrong, please forgive me.

And then, i am sorry that this reply is not an answer to your question but a co-incident that i have bought the same type of Oscilloscope PM3070 from junk market in my town. Since you ever open its cover and see the inside, i am asking for your help.

i need help to identify missing components from my PM3070 Oscilloscope.
they are located on the PSU board close to MAINS Connector. I mark the place with yellow question mark (??)

A photograph of the PSU board is attached so that you can compare them with yours.
I really need your help since i can not afford to buy a new one (VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!!).

By the way, you can visit he has an almost the same type of oscilloscope pm3050. maybe this can answer your question.

thank you very much


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