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Philips Marathon 65W PL-EH CFL


Victor Roberts

Jan 1, 1970
This is a follow-up to our discussion about cooling CFL ballasts.

I just noticed that the Philips Lighting brochure I picked up at Light
Fair has a new lamp listed as the Marathon 65W PL-EH. This is a
65-watt screw-base CFL, so ballast temperature is a real problem.
Other reputable companies don't sell screw-base CFLs with power
ratings above 25 to 30 watts because of temperature problems when the
lamp is mounted base up. However, Philips has this interesting comment
in the brochure - "Unique air pump cools down the circuit to allow for
long lamp life." Now, I'm really sorry I didn't take a look at this
lamp at Light Fair, since I wonder what this "air pump" is. Is it a
fan? Or a heat pipe of some sort? Why did they use the term "pump"? I
can't find the lamp listed on the Philips Lighting US Web site. Does
anyone have more info about his lamp?

Vic Roberts
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