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PIC 16F877 can't read eeprom


Pete Shew

Jan 1, 1970
I am developing using an 16F877 with the EPE IceBreaker system (an
ICD) and I can't read the EEPROM. I can't even modify registers 18C
(EEADDR) and 18D (EEDATA) from program code, although I can modify
18A. I CAN modify 18C and 18D from the IceBreaker GUI, and display the
EEPROM contents.

Running the program with the debugger diabled shows the same symptoms
that I see in the debugger, from which I infer that the read is
failing then too.

Is this a feature of the IceBreaker system (maybe to prevent reading
of program flash and hacking their code)? Anyone had this problem