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Pic - Win98 Problem



Jan 1, 1970
This is really a Win98 question, so apologies if a bit OT.

I am playing with a circuit idea around my PIC 16C74/JW on my protoyping
board, debugging my software (or should that be firmware?) which will drive
my circuit. As I'm using PicBasic to create my program, there is a handy
facility called Serout which will send data to the serial port of my PC. Its
great for watching values and
seeing what's going on. I have a serial link between PC & Pic which has
worked well in the past, but having got it out for the first time in a
while, something's not right. I am using Microsoft Quickbasic to read in the
Pic data, using the lines:

OPEN "com1:9600,n,8,1,cd0,ds0,op0" FOR INPUT AS #1
theChar$ = INPUT$(1, #1)
PRINT theChar$;
GOTO Again

But when I run the prog, nothing happens. If I break the program with
CTRL-Break and run it again (F5), it bursts into life and all is well.
MSQ-Basic is being run under Win98SE. I have tried messing with the Com1
settings in device manager, to no avail. Is there a basic reason why
MSQ-Basic is behaving this way? I know it used to work without problems some
time ago, so I may assume some program may be messing it up, but I have
tried it on other PC's. If it helps, the Pic is sending out data inverted at
TTL levels (as it has always done) and I have checked for good voltage

Any ideas?