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PIC16F628 Single Chip Stamp 1 Compatible



Jan 1, 1970
Was wondering if anyone's interested. Internal resonator in 90% of
them is accurate enough to program and run serial data perfectly. I've
also remapped RA so you have 6 additional inputs mapped as testable
bits BIT8,BIT9,BIT10,BIT13,BIT14,BIT15. So now you have a total of 14
I/O lines. You can fully decode an 8870 or any other 4 bit source and
still have 8 for control. You have 128 bytes for tokens and once
programmed all that is need is 1 pull-up. Was thinking of Ebaying
these for 9.99 programmed. These are just the thing for adding some
smarts to your project with simple stamp basic code.