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PIC16F877A and bootloader



Jan 1, 1970
I am thinking of now using a bootloader for programming my 16F877A and
considering the Bloader from Loader

After having a look at their tutorials, I am unclear about whether it
can be used at any other members have any experience with this
bootloader ?

Also, I have a general bootloader question.I need to use the hardware
UART of 877A for my program.However I do not need it to interface with
the PC.Just the output at the Tx pin of the 877A UART at TTL
levels.Will it be possible when using a bootloader since, the
booltloader will also need the hardware UART and a level shifetr and
all ?
I was thinking I might need something like a SPDT switch for switching
between MAX232 for the bootloader and my application hardware.
Place the switch to connect Tx to MAx232 while programming the
chip.Once its programmed, toggle it to connect it to the application
hardware.And when new code doesnt need to be flashed, keep it in this
position.Does this sound alright ?

I hope what I have said is clear.