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May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011
I need to send four measurement parameters to the PC for display and storage purposes. The software for this aim is LABVIEW. I am new to PIC and Interfacing, but by putting so much effort and asking questions from experts, i could have accomplished the acquisition of all the data till today.
I could also transmit a character "HELLO" through RS232 with my UART to USB converter and the result in hyperterminal was observed as well.
I am quite happy that i could have reached up to this stage. but on the other hand, unfortunately my knowledge is absolutely poor about LABVIEW.
I have heard that if i have control over the format of the data from PIC to LABVIEW, it is not that difficult.
Please find the attached pictures of the design for better understanding.

1- can you please explain what is exactly meant by format of data?(I also don't know the format of data i sent through USB)
2- After specifiying the format, what would be the next stage?
3- If it is possible, please provide me with some sample codes for Hi-tech C, and LABVIEW as well.