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Pictures of Denon AVR 1909, 7.1 Surround Sound Receiver now available ! ;) :)


Skybuck Flying

Jan 1, 1970
Hello People,

Some time ago I bought a nice Denon AVR 1909, 7.1 Surround Sound Receiver.

I took some pictures of it... after I bought it... I also opened it to
investigate it... I also took pictures of cables and my pc... and there is
one funny picture of my "box shack" lol.. where I store all my PC related
boxes... in case anything needs to go back sometime ;) :p ;)

The pictures can be viewed thanks to Microsoft's SkyDrive which has lot's of
capacitiy, good speed and nice user interface/overview of pictures:

Long link to pictures:

http://cid-aedd0ea32d61bc86.skydriv...on AVR 1909, 7.1 Surround Sound Receiver?uc=3

Short link to sky drive:

Clicking on a picture will open it... and clicking again will blow it up
full screen and such.

Enjoy it for what it's worth...

(I also have a video of the on-screen menu... maybe I sometime upload it or
so... to youtube... but I got mysteriously logged out out of youtube...
Possible reasons:
1. Skydrive secretly logs me ?
2. I just had a system crash today... maybe that has something to do with,
my some cooky was lost or corrupted (?)
3. Somebody hacked my youtube account (?)
4. Youtube is having problems.
5. I accidently clicked log out on youtube page instead of hotmail/windows
live (?) :)
so when I got relogin in who knows... it might upload it as well... it also
shows my scythe zipang cooler orientation which absolutely rules (the
orientation) at keep my dreampc cpu and motherboard cool ! ;) :))

A special thanks goes to the visitors of the creative labs forums,
especially the following people/individuals:

2. thexder

Without you guys I wouldn't have known what cables to buy and then this
would not have been possible !


And good luck to all those people still trying to repair their GigaWorks

And finally thanks Creative for making a great sounding speaker set... but
at the same time shame on you for the bad subwoofer with electronics in it !

Next time get rid of the heat properly ! ;)

Skybuck =D

Skybuck Flying

Jan 1, 1970
Video now available too, shows mostly the on screen display menu.

And if you look real closely... you can see a bit of the cpu cooler setup in
my pc...
(scythe zipang top down cooler which cools motherboard a bit too)

(heatpipes now horizontal... <- much better cooling ! (at least in the antec
1200 case ! ;))

(Also I didn't do the automatic setup and auddesey setup yet when I made the
video so some menu items missing... but overal it gives a good impression of
the on screen display menu... also not all speakers were connected at the
time... about 5 or so... since then all 7 connected, still no subwoofer <- I
don't really need that ;) :))

Link to video:

Skybuck !

Skybuck Flying

Jan 1, 1970
Actually by looking at the pictures of the inside I noticed something.

(Picture DSCN1449.JPG shows this...)

The one I have is actually the 1908(E2) lol...

I am guessing the 1908 is the european version of the 1909
(the 1909 is probably the usa version which has sirius radio)

The rest is the same.